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We help you integrate wearables and IoT devices into your business workflow
Wearable sensors and IoT devices are opening up new opportunities across many industries — from improving the way healthcare is delivered to guiding efficient workflows or enabling innovative business models.
Although the technological base may remain the same, the needs of each user are unique. And so are our solutions.

Technical expertise

Qolware started building its first sensor platforms back in 2008. At that time, its cofounders were conducting their doctoral research at TU Munich on the topics of wireless body sensor networks and robotics applications.
Since then Qolware helped dozens of companies designing, developing and integrating customized analytics and sensor-based solutions, as well as accompanied their business operations. Its solutions are used in a broad range of applications and industries — starting from healthcare management to industrial and business process automation.

User centric approach

Our mindset is clear. We place the end-users at the center of everything we do. If the end-user is satisfied, so is our client.
Our development process starts with interviewing users, understanding the problem to solve, the environment, the business requirements and the workflow of the product or service. With that in mind, we can decide which sensors, technology and software architecture is the most appropriated for each case.

High quality standards

We work according the highest quality standards established in software engineering and to ensure the control of data privacy and data security. We adapt to the specific needs of our clients providing conformity with the international standards required for each application.
For the development of medical products, we work closely with experts and certification bodies to guarantee the compliance with the corresponding directives and regulations (IEC 62304, ISO 13485:2016, MDR 2017/745/EC, GDPR, and FDA standards)

Agile development

We work in short development cycles, which allows us to respond to customer feedback in a quick manner as well as to constantly improve the product.
Our modular software system, the Witio IoT Toolbox, makes it easy for us to efficiently deliver turnkey solutions to our customers. Witio consists of ready-to-use and tested technology modules that help us implementing customized IoT solutions faster and more cost-effective, while complying with the highest standards in data security and data privacy.

Our customers and partners